Raw Vegan Range

We make a range of delicious Raw Vegan products, including Peanut Butter and Banana Brownie Cheesecake and Coconut and Caramel Slice. We sell it by the slice from our shop so drop in to find out what today’s particular treat is!

Raw Vegan food – a particular passion of Nat’s – is unprocessed so that it is as nutritious as possible. Ingredients are unrefined and not heated above 45°C, enabling them to retain a large proportion of their nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals. At Cakewhole we use only the best (mostly organic) ingredients such as Raw Cacao powder and Raw Cacao butter, Raw nut and seed butters (often made from scratch), Flax Seeds, Raw Coconut Oil, Maca Powder, Vanilla Pods, fresh fruit and organic fruit and vegetable powders.
All our raw vegan range is Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Egg Free and free of refined sugars


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